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Bra bra bra

So, yeah, have a blog. I can’t remember when I last updated. A while ago. Well, I haven’t really had the time, and when I have had the time, I’ve been more focused on watching TV and lying around my room rather than doing some writing. Again, the ‘random word’ concept has little relevance to this post, but again, it’s because I’ve got something that I want to talk about. It’s something that may, or may not, be relevant to your life. But you should read it anyway. It’s important. It’s going to change the way you live your life… well, maybe not you personally, but… actually, it’s going to change the fabric of society as we know it. It’s going to change the WORLD.

I am talking, of course, about bras. Ah, the bra. Whether sexy, paddy, lacey, balcony, sporty; practical or impractical; big or small, a lot of women wear them. I did a quick Google search, y’know, because I’m dedicated to providing you with objective facts and stats and wanted some serious scientific basis for this very very serious topic, and found out some quite interesting things. I’m not sure about the reliability of this evidence, but these were the most interesting ‘facts’ I found, and all of the official proper looking articles were too boring to even read properly. Although I did find the same facts repeated on several sources, so either they’re actually true, or these people are all as lazy as I am when it comes to research and have all been copying from each other. Read More…