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I had intended to begin this blog earlier, but the first word for my first post was so perfect that I wanted to save it. Just as this blog starts with a pool, so did the first episode of the new series of Sherlock, picking up from the cliffhanger of the last series.

This was, of course, the episode which introduced Irene Adler, the Woman, Sherlock’s feminine foil. Now, forgive my lack of knowledge in the area of Holmes canon; I’ve never read any of Conan Doyle’s work, much to my own disadvantage, I’m sure, and my verdicts of Rachel McAdams and various and sundry other adaptations have been less than impressed. But perhaps, even in the recent Hollywood films, one has to be slightly lenient with the knowledge that the context of the plot is a Victorian society. One might have hoped that in a modern retelling, Adler would be a strong, independent and deeply intelligent woman, and if it were not possible that she could be a match for Sherlock Holmes, it would be her intellect rather than her womanly sentiment that would let her down.

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