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I’m not very good at blogs. I can’t write them at all. This is my fourth blog, and may eventually become my fourth failed blog. Or quite soon, even, though I’m hoping to have a little more stamina than in my previous attempts.

The first blog failed because I was being a pretentious arse. I started off by saying that everybody in the world who had a blog was a total wanker (which they are), and that even though I had a blog, I was never going to sink so low as to venture onto Facebook (a flagrant lie) or, horror of horrors, Twitter (which is now my second home.) Even writing it made me hate the world more than I already do, and hate myself even more for being such a dick. I got to my second post, in which I described how I would run the world if I was a dictator, and then fell into such a state of misanthropic angst that I had to leave it forever.

The second blog failed because I’m a boring prick. I tried to fill it with interesting anecdotes about my life. I told the world about my attempts at an exercise regime, about my thoughts regarding sixth form, and then probably fell asleep at the keyboard when I realised how pointless and dull it all was. I got to my second post and then dumped it.

My third blog, and the last, failed because I was trying too hard. I’d realised by this point that talking about myself didn’t work; I’m not interesting. Not to say that I consider myself a particularly mundane person, in the scheme of things, compared to some of the mind-bogglingly dull partial-specimens of humanity I’ve met. But still, I’m a normal(ish) person. I’m a student, I occasionally write things. I’m not a celebrity or a superhero. My life consists of what almost every other student’s life consists of. Which isn’t a lot. So on the third blog, instead of talking about me, I thought I could talk about Things. Issues. Culture. I did research. I read other blogs that I could link in. I started reading more articles.   I wrote two posts: a ramble about marketing and a play review. I intended to write more, I did, it was just too much bloody work.

But this blog will be different. This blog will get to more than two posts. This blog will be actually updated occasionally. Maybe even read.

So this is how we’re going to roll: instead of attempting to condense my day into a bitesize literary chunk of wit, or instead of trying to spew out perfectly formed articles, I’m just going to improvise. I’m going to get a random word and just churn out some crap on that subject. The plan for the moment is to just use some Random Word Generator off of the internet, though maybe in the future I can get some proper words off some real people. Or, as real as strangers on the internet can be. We’ll see. It might be another massive wreck, but maybe I can get it to be a better wreck than its predecessors.