Bra bra bra

So, yeah, have a blog. I can’t remember when I last updated. A while ago. Well, I haven’t really had the time, and when I have had the time, I’ve been more focused on watching TV and lying around my room rather than doing some writing. Again, the ‘random word’ concept has little relevance to this post, but again, it’s because I’ve got something that I want to talk about. It’s something that may, or may not, be relevant to your life. But you should read it anyway. It’s important. It’s going to change the way you live your life… well, maybe not you personally, but… actually, it’s going to change the fabric of society as we know it. It’s going to change the WORLD.

I am talking, of course, about bras. Ah, the bra. Whether sexy, paddy, lacey, balcony, sporty; practical or impractical; big or small, a lot of women wear them. I did a quick Google search, y’know, because I’m dedicated to providing you with objective facts and stats and wanted some serious scientific basis for this very very serious topic, and found out some quite interesting things. I’m not sure about the reliability of this evidence, but these were the most interesting ‘facts’ I found, and all of the official proper looking articles were too boring to even read properly. Although I did find the same facts repeated on several sources, so either they’re actually true, or these people are all as lazy as I am when it comes to research and have all been copying from each other. Read More…



Again, another sizable break between this blog post and my last. This is probably acceptable as long as I can keep up the motivation to at least blog every month or so. I once read what, to the best of my recollection, was a blog giving advice to writers. I seem to believe that it claimed that although some people cannot write every day, you should at least blog every day. A more realistic aim would be to at least blog sometimes. At least, when I have something to say or the desire to say something. Actually, I have more of an excuse this time. I was quite ill for a bit and then I had essays to write, but I came up with a lot of ideas of things I wanted to talk about. Hopefully, those planned blogs will appear at some point, but for now I have a more important topic to talk about.

This is, admittedly, a blog that has nothing whatsoever to do with my random word theme. But the random word is to bring inspiration, and at the moment I have my inspiration ready made. This will, in fact, be a holiday blog. Travel writing. Well, that’s a bit of a lie. I have no idea how to do travel writing. This will just be a normal blog except for this: instead of just rambling about the contents of my mind, I will be talking about stuff that happened to me while I was on holiday. A health warning at this point… I do, for once, have a lot to talk about. Read More…


So, the promise of updating this blog more regularly clearly isn’t going to plan. It’s been over a month and a half since my last post, and not for lack of trying. I’ve wanted to update, truly I have, and I’ve even had some decent ideas. But my problem with blogging isn’t merely a lack of motivation or inspiration but a need to be in the right frame of mind to write about anything related to myself. Still, I’m now on post number three, which is a new record. Maybe this is me breaking through the wall. Maybe this is the start of me becoming prolific. Doubtful, but possible.

Well, I did keep to my theme of random words. I do admit, I’m not quite skilled enough to open up a random word generator, take the first word I see, and then run with it. It took a few clicks before I found a starting point I felt I could work from, or at least that I thought would be interesting enough to keep me engaged. Actually, a lot of the words this particular generator was suggesting were particularly bleak (“disappointment”, “discrimination”, “failure” to name a few) and while I’m certain I could do a nice long rant about any or all of those subjects, I felt that I should try and move this blog onto happier notes. After all, my previous posts have been a fairly cynical dissection of my own blogging abilities and an equally cynical dissection of one of my favourite TV shows. And, while cynical is one of the things that I do best, I’m in more of an optimistic mood. Which, being so rare, needs to be taken advantage of.

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I had intended to begin this blog earlier, but the first word for my first post was so perfect that I wanted to save it. Just as this blog starts with a pool, so did the first episode of the new series of Sherlock, picking up from the cliffhanger of the last series.

This was, of course, the episode which introduced Irene Adler, the Woman, Sherlock’s feminine foil. Now, forgive my lack of knowledge in the area of Holmes canon; I’ve never read any of Conan Doyle’s work, much to my own disadvantage, I’m sure, and my verdicts of Rachel McAdams and various and sundry other adaptations have been less than impressed. But perhaps, even in the recent Hollywood films, one has to be slightly lenient with the knowledge that the context of the plot is a Victorian society. One might have hoped that in a modern retelling, Adler would be a strong, independent and deeply intelligent woman, and if it were not possible that she could be a match for Sherlock Holmes, it would be her intellect rather than her womanly sentiment that would let her down.

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I’m not very good at blogs. I can’t write them at all. This is my fourth blog, and may eventually become my fourth failed blog. Or quite soon, even, though I’m hoping to have a little more stamina than in my previous attempts.

The first blog failed because I was being a pretentious arse. I started off by saying that everybody in the world who had a blog was a total wanker (which they are), and that even though I had a blog, I was never going to sink so low as to venture onto Facebook (a flagrant lie) or, horror of horrors, Twitter (which is now my second home.) Even writing it made me hate the world more than I already do, and hate myself even more for being such a dick. I got to my second post, in which I described how I would run the world if I was a dictator, and then fell into such a state of misanthropic angst that I had to leave it forever.

The second blog failed because I’m a boring prick. I tried to fill it with interesting anecdotes about my life. I told the world about my attempts at an exercise regime, about my thoughts regarding sixth form, and then probably fell asleep at the keyboard when I realised how pointless and dull it all was. I got to my second post and then dumped it.

My third blog, and the last, failed because I was trying too hard. I’d realised by this point that talking about myself didn’t work; I’m not interesting. Not to say that I consider myself a particularly mundane person, in the scheme of things, compared to some of the mind-bogglingly dull partial-specimens of humanity I’ve met. But still, I’m a normal(ish) person. I’m a student, I occasionally write things. I’m not a celebrity or a superhero. My life consists of what almost every other student’s life consists of. Which isn’t a lot. So on the third blog, instead of talking about me, I thought I could talk about Things. Issues. Culture. I did research. I read other blogs that I could link in. I started reading more articles.   I wrote two posts: a ramble about marketing and a play review. I intended to write more, I did, it was just too much bloody work.

But this blog will be different. This blog will get to more than two posts. This blog will be actually updated occasionally. Maybe even read.

So this is how we’re going to roll: instead of attempting to condense my day into a bitesize literary chunk of wit, or instead of trying to spew out perfectly formed articles, I’m just going to improvise. I’m going to get a random word and just churn out some crap on that subject. The plan for the moment is to just use some Random Word Generator off of the internet, though maybe in the future I can get some proper words off some real people. Or, as real as strangers on the internet can be. We’ll see. It might be another massive wreck, but maybe I can get it to be a better wreck than its predecessors.